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ITV Beep Beep 18 in 30km/hr winds on the waterfall at Kario
High Wind Speed Flying on the Beep Beep 16 at Karioitahi - winds 40 - 50km/hr       j  
High Wind Speedflying with the Zakospeed 16
ITV Pil Pit 2 Speedrider
Ozone Bullet 09 14 - for Speedriding & general fun
Ozone Fazer - the Fazer is a rock solid and reliable canopy for precision flying!





The Ozone FIREFLY from Ozone Paragliders on Vimeo.

It's been a great couple of years - lots of exciting speedflying with the Beeps and Zako's.


It's never been so easy to soar safely in high winds.

The new gliders have an extraordinary ability to manage very strong conditions without putting us at risk. They launch easier (actually, much easier). They have beautiful safe behaviours, immense collapse resistance, huge speed range and wicked, dynamic, perfect handling.

Pictures - ITV Beep's 14 and 18 soaring in 35 - 50km/hr winds.

They are under $3000NZ and double or quadruple your amount of flying and fun!

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