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ITV Beep Beep 18 in 30km/hr winds on the waterfall at Kario
High Wind Speed Flying on the Beep Beep 16 at Karioitahi - winds 40 - 50km/hr       j  
High Wind Speedflying with the Zakospeed 16
ITV Pil Pit 2 Speedrider
Ozone Bullet 09 14 - for Speedriding & general fun
Ozone Fazer - the Fazer is a rock solid and reliable canopy for precision flying!

Ozone - wondered what the speedwing revolution is all about?



speed flying ozone xt 16 mount maunganui from Ben French on Vimeo.

Check out Ozone's introduction to Speedflying - lots of Bullets and XT 16's and see our videos page for footage of 
Dave Edwards showing what can be done, even back in the beginning days on an XT 16 

Here's a bit of history on this wing which has led to many of our great miniwings today, like the Firefly range and the Zero and Litespeed ranges. 

 Designed, developed and tuned by double world champ, paragliding legend, Robbie Whittall as a Cross Terrain machine for all round fun.

You can do anything with this wing

*All kinds of speed flying

*Snow and foot launch

*Perfected for nil wind or high wind footlaunch and landing

* Perfect ground handler and trainer - youll become twice as good a pilot in half the time. An hour of ground handling is worth an hour in the air and the XT lets you ground handle in a much wider range of conditions. All beginner pilots who are serious about becoming good should have one, even just as a ground trainer.

* Very smooth, precise and a great speed range & glide ratio range all on the brakes, allowing high speed ground swooping and speed flying.
* Special, super stable hybrid profile - very important for your safety - far more collapse resistant than any other wing.
* Developed especially to never overshoot and collapse on takeoffs in still wind or high wind - you wont believe how important this is for your safety in the huge range of conditions in which you can have fun on this wing.

* The one reasonably priced addition that will quadruple the fun and learning you have, and more than double the days you can fly on. 
* Immensley wide speed range on the brakes, from easy soaring and slow top landings. 
* Trimmers to extend the speed range even more and give great Acro ability. 

All the info above on the Ozone XT is now outdated - replaced by the Firefly range. Firefly 3 is many generations evolved beyond the XT and lightyears ahead. Firefly 3 comes in 16m and 18m sizes. 

Huge range of speedflying harnesses from $390 upwards.

SkyWings in Auckland has courses that will teach you to safely fly paragliders and be flying safe and legal miniwings during your PG2 rating course.