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ITV Beep Beep 18 in 30km/hr winds on the waterfall at Kario
High Wind Speed Flying on the Beep Beep 16 at Karioitahi - winds 40 - 50km/hr       j  
High Wind Speedflying with the Zakospeed 16
ITV Pil Pit 2 Speedrider
Ozone Bullet 09 14 - for Speedriding & general fun
Ozone Fazer - the Fazer is a rock solid and reliable canopy for precision flying!


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Here's Ozone's brilliant summary of the fun and ease of Speedflying

Speed Flying With The Ozone Team from Ozone Paragliders on Vimeo.

The love of small and light has re-emerged and a whole new type of flight is exciting pilots from a variety of disciplines. Parachutists, kite flyers and paraglider pilots are all amped by the fast and furious flights that we are now able to achieve. Now its wild, exhilarating mountain descents on small, very fast and wickedly dynamic wings. And high wind soaring on wings that carve it up with ease. Wings that are simple again - some even returning right back to 9 cell parachute designs, others transforming paragliding designs into safer shapes using special profiles that resist turbulence and collapsing and can handle enormous changes in angle as they are thrown into outrageous bank angles on every turn, and carve and swoop their way down the mountain side enjoying some of the worlds wildest and impressive mountain scenery.

New tiny rigs weighing as little as 2-3kgs are a real pleasure to hike with. Speedflying and high wind soaring are breaking boundaries and expanding horizons and doubling the amount of flyable days. Parawaiting times are being slashed as we find huge excitement ripping and carving up the air at high speed on these new micro wings. These wings don't just turn, they rip space apart! The buzz of these sometimes short, but intense flight is scorched into the memory and the grin lasts for days


'Race You Down' is the name of the game!

Whether its carving down the mountain on skis over the snow, or footlaunching and blasting a path close to the terrain. Then the amazing, long drawnout flare landings lasting 70-100 meters, called swooping by the Parachute fraternity - where its almost an Olympic event - the flight is fast and furious and adrenalin filled! Gone are the normal soaring and cross country pilot's thought patterns of thermals and lift. Instead the mind embraces an altogether different vision.

Now we can fly in almost any conditions. Already we have had soaring flights in winds over 55km/hr, so the flyable envelope for paragliding is dramatically expanded. Of course, good skills are needed and with the right conditions and judgements, this new branch of flight is able to bring great flights at times when we would otherwise be just frustraed and grounded. It's a strange new feeling for a paraglider pilot to look at the weather and see winds of 20-30 knots and begin to smile!

For 20 years now we have been flying the smallest paragliders we could get our hands on in the strong, blownout winds, up to 40-45km/hr in smooth, coastal ridge soaring conditions. But these wings were barely small enough. Now with new high performance micro wings of almost any size, we can easily go well beyond this.

So these new tiny wings have a dual use - surfing down the ski slopes with or without skis, experiencing the beautiful alpine vistas and enjoying high speeds close to the terrain and the bullet proof feeling that comes from such high wing loadings, and specially developed safe, stable profiles - some with reflex that are incredibly robust and resistant to turbulence, having almost no tendency to collapse. Designed especially for the demands of flying to handle the rapid, dynamic changes of angle beautifully.

And now, the ability to use these gliders in much stronger wind conditions.


Why has paragliding resisted this principle for so long? Wind surfing and Kite surfing, Yachting etc all routinely depower to smaller sail areas when conditions are too strong. Paragliding has been slow to embrace and encourage this principle, probably because the sport is costly enough for most with one glider. But for those comfortable with two or three, a much fuller range of conditions can be, I believe, safely enjoyed. In fact with every successive flight, the inherent safety shines more. Gone are the precarious and vulnerable feelings of a light wing loading, the fragile collapsing sail and the lack of speed.

Now it's possible to go beyond those limitations. Of course those qualities go with the territory of cross country flight. The endless quest for a lower sink rate and better glide ratio will always be the path for the soaring, thermalling and cross country pilot. But how often do we stand around waiting for good thermalling or cross country conditions, and then not fly at all? At these times we can now pull out a tiny 2 to 3kg glider in a gorgeous little 450g tiny mountain backpack and expose a very beautifully designed and made micro glider, which can then be employed to good effect. All kinds of new flights are now possible, and the speed, dynamism, exhilaration and exquisite ripping turns will leave you in no doubt.

The interesting thing is, many of the dangers of modern paragliding are eliminated, as you get away from large, lightly loaded, high performance designs. These small, very heavily loaded, stable profiles allow much faster, collapse free flight, and with care have proven to give flight that is much safer than it looks. With thousands of flights behind us, we now understand what can be done safely and how to teach you. You would be surprised how quickly the average pilot can transition into this kind of flying, as long as the right skills are taught. This new branch of the sport is here to stay and is a fantastic exhilarating experience.


Until recently, we were only able to fly faster by overloading the smallest, normal glider sizes. Some of these did make excellent, fast, high wind flying wings in the sizes 18 to 20 meters projected. We found huge fun and good safety could be had with wing loadings of 10 to 30kgs over the top of the normal weight range. But for 4 years now, manufacturers have perceived the value of using special small wings with much higher wing loadings for certain kinds of flying - high mountain descents, paramotoring and high wind flying. And so the new Speedriding and Speedflying sport is born.

20 years of experience with these tiny paragliders, allows us to help you into this field of fast flight. We transition you through increasing wing loadings to match your experience and conditions you will be flying in, so you can begin experiencing fast, dynamic flight, and the quicker judgements required for the soaring and landing strategies. This makes you a much more dynamic and accurate pilot and prepares you for the blast of speedflying with its very high levels of speed and dynamism!

We have a huge stock accumulated over many years of excellent gliders to extend you into this sphere of speedflying. They cover all budgets - we hope you enjoy our speedflying news and equipment sections.

We speedfly every day possible and really enjoy helping everyone with it - so please don't hesitate to contact us for speedflying help.