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Ozone Ultralite - worlds lightest certified mountain wing
Ozone Fazer - the all new speed wing for the next generation of speed pilots - 10M, 12M & 14M
Mentor - a beautiful mint Mentor medium for sale - see below for more details
Nova Tattoo  
ITV Beep Beep Miniwing
Dudek Zakospeed Miniwing Rocks!


We supply all Ozone, Nova, SupAir, Miniplane & PAP equipment - if you don't see what you want here, we're ordering all the time.
This is just what we have new in stock for overnight delivery.
We have a huge range of second hand gliders in stock also here.
Email or text us with your requirements and situation, and we'll give you a quote. 

Ozone Logo-3

Ozone Delta 3 - EN C
Delta-3-4 Delta 3 MS Purple 75-95kgs
Delta 3 ML Purple 85-105kgs
Won't be beaten on price.    


Ozone Geo 5 - EN B
Geo-5 Geo 5 XS Blue/Green 55-70kgs
Geo 5 S Blue/Green 65-85kgs
Geo 5 ML Blue/Green 85-105kgs
Geo 5 L Blue/Green 95-115kgs


Ozone Buzz Z5 - EN B
Buzz-5 Buzz Z5 S Blue/Green 65-85kgs
Buzz Z5 MS Purple 75-95kgs
Buzz Z5 ML Purple 85-105kgs
Buzz Z5 L Blue/Green 95-115kgs
Buzz Z5 XL Blue/Green 110-130kgs


Ozone Mojo 5 - EN A
Mojo-5   Mojo 5 XS  Purple  55-70kgs
 Mojo 5 S  Green  65-85kgs
 Mojo 5 L  Purple  95-115kgs
 Mojo 5 L  Purple  95-115kgs


Ozone Atom 3 - EN A
Atom-3a Atom 3 XS Purple 55-75kgs
Atom 3 S Purple 65-90kgs
Atom 3 M Purple 75-105kgs


Ozone Jomo - EN A
Jomo Jomo XS Slate 55-70kgs
Jomo S Purple 65-85kgs
Jomo M Slate 80-100kgs
Jomo L Purple 95-115kgs
Jomo XL Slate 110-130kgs


Ozone Element 2 - EN B
Element-2 Element 2 XXS Magenta 45-70kgs


Ozone Alpina - EN C
Alpina Alpina XS White/Red/Light Blue 55-70kgs



Ozone Speedster 2 - DGAC - EN C 
Speedster-2 Speedster 2 24 Green/Black/Green 70-130kgs PPG
Speedster 2 26 Blue/Green  80-150kgs PPG 
Speedster 2 28  Red/Black/Yellow  95-170kgs PPG 


Ozone Spyder - DGAC
Ozone-Spyder Spyder 22 Orange 55-105kgs PPG
Spyder 24 Red 65-120kgs PPG


Ozone Roadster 2 - DGAC - EN B
Roadster-2 Roadster 2 24 Purple 65-120kgs PPG
Roadster 2 28 Purple 95-160kgs PPG


Ozone Kona - DGAC - EN B
Kona Kona 22 Purple   55-100kgs PPG
Kona 24 Purple 65-115kgs PPG 
Kona 26 Purple 75-130kgs PPG 
Kona 29 Purple  95-160kgs PPG 
Kona 31 Purple 110-180kgs PPG


Ozone Mojo Power - DGAC - EN A
Mojo-Power Mojo Power L Grey/Purple 95-105kgs PPG


 Ozone Spark - DGAC
Spark 2  Spark 27 EN A  Slate 75-125kgs PPG 
 Spark 30 EN B  Slate 95-140kgs PPG 


Ozone Indy - EN B (Lightweight Mojo 2)
Indy Indy S  Blue  65-85kgs 





Nova Mentor 5 - EN B
MENTOR-5 Mentor 5 L Petrol 100-130kgs
Mentor 5 M  Lime 90-110kgs 
Mentor 5 S  Petrol  80-100kgs 
Mentor 5 XS  Petrol  70-90kgs 


Nova Ion 4 - EN B
ION4 InFlight-10 Ion 4 XXS Gold 55-80kgs
Ion 4 XS Lime 70-70kgs
Ion 4 S Lime 80-100kgs
Ion 4 M Petrol 90-110kgs
Ion 4 L Gold 100-130kgs


Nova Ion 3 - EN B
NOVA-ION-3 Ion 3 S Blue 80-100kgs


Nova Prion 3 - EN A
PRION-3 Prion 3 XS Petrol  55-85kgs 
Prion 3 S  Orange 75-100kgs 
Prion 3 M  Petrol  90-110kgs 


Nova Susi - EN A
Susi Susi XS Lime 70-100kgs
Susi S Orange 80-110kgs
Susi S Lime 80-110kgs
Susi M Lime 90-120kgs
Susi L Lime 100-130kgs




SupAir Tandem - Sora
Sora-thumb Sora 'Grass' Yellow/Green 120-220kgs