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Ozone Ultralite - worlds lightest certified mountain wing
Ozone Fazer - the all new speed wing for the next generation of speed pilots - 10M, 12M & 14M
Mentor - a beautiful mint Mentor medium for sale - see below for more details
Nova Tattoo  
ITV Beep Beep Miniwing
Dudek Zakospeed Miniwing Rocks!

Ozone Zero 15 & 17


Zero 15 & 17 in stock - both have 70 very gentle hours - $2590NZ

We also have New Zero 2's and Litespeeds in stock 

The "Zero" stands for speed and precision. While speed was a major concern for Ozone during the development of this wing, their primary focus was on creating a stable and usable speed range. The improved stability of the SharkNose in accelerated flight gives the Zero a solid and compact feel at high speeds.

Another crucial benefit of the SharkNose technology is the higher internal pressure at high angles of attack. What this means in handling terms is an increased brake range, and high spin resistance, which equals fun: the Zero reacts quickly and predictably to solid brake inputs, making it highly maneuverable and easy to pilot through high-banked turns. 


Zero - super versatile - great with a motor on the bigger sizes