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Beach fun with the motors - but don't try this stunt at home!
Mathieu Rouanet - Worlds best acro paramotor pilot - you can see why!
Mathieu cuts it up at our training site at Karioitahi
SkyWings Shop - the biggest paragear frenzy in the southern hemisphere
Mathieu explores Milford Sound - motors give access to the most stunning spots - don't forget your camera!
Motors - huge freedom - fly anywhere anytime almost

A few years ago, the Paramotoring World Champ, Mathieu Rouanet, came and spent a summer with us and it was a revelation!

We learned so much and improved our flying and teaching skills - more in that Summer than we had since beginning to motor 24 years ago.

Mathieu has revolutionised the sport and given us a great vision of the freedom that we have with modern paragliders and a lightweight paramotor on our backs.

Great new motors are purpose built, lighter, more powerful, smoother and more economical - not to mention easier to start, have made it easier than ever and allowed new pilots to achieve success with the paramotor even earlier in their learning curve.

Vittorazi makes the Moster 185 Plus and is happy to present the new engine series - the 2016 'Dark Evolution' on the occasion of 20 years in the field of Paramotoring.

Its total black dress is what catches your attention at first - the black castings, transmission, head and exhaust pipe convey elegance and determination, and these black elements are the background to details in bright orange, the Vittorazi's brand representative colour.


PAP's new purpose built best of class motor - RM80 and PA125

We've enjoyed teaching this fantastic way to fly for so long now, its great to see students mastering their motoring.  Certain skills must be taught and practiced - this takes time - your best help is a really experienced instructor. They will save you a lot of time, money and heartache.

The new motors are lighter and sit closer and better on your back and make the whole learning process more enjoyable.


The new 2016 frame Miniplane - regarded as a best all-round light and reliable paramotor - 19kgs 

 $7800NZ - very hard to beat!



Even bigger steps forward have been made in glider design in recent years. The launch qualities have become amazing and this makes the biggest difference when learning to paramotor. A wing that pops up easy, quick and straight every time, really is your best friend. The right wing will double or quadruple your chance of early success as it does most of the launching process for you.

Ozone Spyder Paramotor wing (credit Lauren Cox)

Please enjoy our equipment section where we will show you some of the new motors and gliders.

We are running courses continually to suit your time constraints and can guarantee you the fastest, safest learning curve and that at the end of our course, you will be a better, safer pilot.


The ultimate PPG wing: high top speed, high collapse resistance thanks to the Ozone Full Reflex Profile. Maximum accessibility for a wide range of PPG pilots.

The New Speedster is here and it's a big surprise.

If you're looking for the ultimate motoring, free flying and high wind soaring wing all in one, don't miss the Speedster!

Ozone's new inventions are leading the Paragliding world and are beautifully showcased in the Speedster.

Read more: Ozone Speedster

Ozone have released an all new DVD for their motoring friends around the world!

Check out the preview here:

This DVD is possibly one of the most information-packed PPG DVDs ever created and Ozone is excited to get it out there into the hands of pilots around the world. It is available in English only. The length is over 2 hours, mostly informational but with some action footage mixed in.

With Pro Pilots: Mathieu Rouanet, Alex Coralie and Jean Mateos, Chad Bastion, Paul Mahony and guest starring Squash Falconer. Thus, some of the world's most experienced PPG pilots talk about everything from engine maintenance tips, to launching more efficiently in high wind and zero wind, and maneuvering your PPG wing in the air more effectively.

This DVD contains a large amount of information, but thanks to an extensive menu it is simple to navigate from topic to topic, and action footage from around the globe will keep you on the edge of your seat even if you do tire of learning for a moment.

The DVD is now available but in very limited numbers, so be quick - please contact SkyWings for a copy - $45 delivered