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The last few years have been the most exciting years ever in Paraglider evolution.

Its awesome that this sport is still taking some big steps foward and is bringing us fascinating and ever better flying machines.

Here are links to our manufacturers and their equipment. Please click on logo to check out their full ranges on their websites.


We have over 200 gliders in stock at the moment - one of the largest stocks of gliders in the world, so there's a high chance we will have something in stock that will suit you or we can order anything you wish.

See the list below for the new gliders that we have in stock.


We supply all Ozone, Nova, SupAir, Miniplane & PAP equipment - if you don't see what you want here, we're ordering all the time.
This is just what we have new in stock for overnight delivery.
We have a huge range of second hand gliders in stock also here.
Email or text us with your requirements and situation, and we'll give you a quote. 

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Ozone Delta 3 - EN C
Delta-3-4 Delta 3 MS Purple 75-95kgs
Delta 3 ML Purple 85-105kgs
Won't be beaten on price.    


Ozone Geo 5 - EN B
Geo-5 Geo 5 XS Blue/Green 55-70kgs
Geo 5 S Blue/Green 65-85kgs
Geo 5 ML Blue/Green 85-105kgs
Geo 5 L Blue/Green 95-115kgs


Ozone Buzz Z5 - EN B
Buzz-5 Buzz Z5 S Blue/Green 65-85kgs
Buzz Z5 MS Purple 75-95kgs
Buzz Z5 ML Purple 85-105kgs
Buzz Z5 L Blue/Green 95-115kgs
Buzz Z5 XL Blue/Green 110-130kgs


Ozone Mojo 5 - EN A
Mojo-5   Mojo 5 XS  Purple  55-70kgs
 Mojo 5 S  Green  65-85kgs
 Mojo 5 L  Purple  95-115kgs
 Mojo 5 L  Purple  95-115kgs


Ozone Atom 3 - EN A
Atom-3a Atom 3 XS Purple 55-75kgs
Atom 3 S Purple 65-90kgs
Atom 3 M Purple 75-105kgs


Ozone Jomo - EN A
Jomo Jomo XS Slate 55-70kgs
Jomo S Purple 65-85kgs
Jomo M Slate 80-100kgs
Jomo L Purple 95-115kgs
Jomo XL Slate 110-130kgs


Ozone Element 2 - EN B
Element-2 Element 2 XXS Magenta 45-70kgs


Ozone Alpina - EN C
Alpina Alpina XS White/Red/Light Blue 55-70kgs



Ozone Speedster 2 - DGAC - EN C 
Speedster-2 Speedster 2 24 Green/Black/Green 70-130kgs PPG
Speedster 2 26 Blue/Green  80-150kgs PPG 
Speedster 2 28  Red/Black/Yellow  95-170kgs PPG 


Ozone Spyder - DGAC
Ozone-Spyder Spyder 22 Orange 55-105kgs PPG
Spyder 24 Red 65-120kgs PPG


Ozone Roadster 2 - DGAC - EN B
Roadster-2 Roadster 2 24 Purple 65-120kgs PPG
Roadster 2 28 Purple 95-160kgs PPG


Ozone Kona - DGAC - EN B
Kona Kona 22 Purple   55-100kgs PPG
Kona 24 Purple 65-115kgs PPG 
Kona 26 Purple 75-130kgs PPG 
Kona 29 Purple  95-160kgs PPG 
Kona 31 Purple 110-180kgs PPG


Ozone Mojo Power - DGAC - EN A
Mojo-Power Mojo Power L Grey/Purple 95-105kgs PPG


 Ozone Spark - DGAC
Spark 2  Spark 27 EN A  Slate 75-125kgs PPG 
 Spark 30 EN B  Slate 95-140kgs PPG 


Ozone Indy - EN B (Lightweight Mojo 2)
Indy Indy S  Blue  65-85kgs 





Nova Mentor 5 - EN B
MENTOR-5 Mentor 5 L Petrol 100-130kgs
Mentor 5 M  Lime 90-110kgs 
Mentor 5 S  Petrol  80-100kgs 
Mentor 5 XS  Petrol  70-90kgs 


Nova Ion 4 - EN B
ION4 InFlight-10 Ion 4 XXS Gold 55-80kgs
Ion 4 XS Lime 70-70kgs
Ion 4 S Lime 80-100kgs
Ion 4 M Petrol 90-110kgs
Ion 4 L Gold 100-130kgs


Nova Ion 3 - EN B
NOVA-ION-3 Ion 3 S Blue 80-100kgs


Nova Prion 3 - EN A
PRION-3 Prion 3 XS Petrol  55-85kgs 
Prion 3 S  Orange 75-100kgs 
Prion 3 M  Petrol  90-110kgs 


Nova Susi - EN A
Susi Susi XS Lime 70-100kgs
Susi S Orange 80-110kgs
Susi S Lime 80-110kgs
Susi M Lime 90-120kgs
Susi L Lime 100-130kgs




SupAir Tandem - Sora
Sora-thumb Sora 'Grass' Yellow/Green 120-220kgs