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Nova Factor EN C

The Nova Factor DHV-2, EN-C has been a stunning glider and a top contender for its class for the last two years. It has great performance and handling, not to mention its drop dead gorgeous looks. And the last two years have been very fruitful for Nova's designer, Ha nnes Papesh.

A number of big design improvements has led to a new glider - the Mentor 2 - which will lead the way to a whole new family of Nova gliders in the coming year.

The Mentor 2 already outglides the Factor by at least .5 glide ratio while being a whole class safer. It not only outglides it at trim speed, but even more is the advantage on the speedbar, so a whole new era of cross country ease is upon us. The Mentor performs slightly better than the Nova Triton DHV2-3 glider, so its very exciting times.


The Mentor 2 is a glider that any new pilot with a year or two of experience and a little bit of thermalling behind them will be able to go onto - and it will deliver performance in the DHV2-3 class.

The new Factor 2 nearly complete and expected to perform better than the Mentor 2 by enough to make it worthwhile for appropriate pilots to go up to the EN-C class.