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We offer harnesses of the following brands - click to go to their website and see their range.



We have good stocks of new harnesses or can order anything we don't have in stock.
We also usually have 20-30 second hand harnesses in stock so let us know what you're looking for.

Ozone Atak 2

Perfect speedriding, speedflying harness - 2kgs of pure joy. One of the most comfy harnesses of this type we've ever had. We haven't found better for speedriding and speedflying and guess what, it's even an amazing harness for a lot of other flying as well eg coastal or dune soaring or lightweight hike and fly.

I'm doing more and more of my flying of all kinds with one of these. Pretty much if it isn't cross country thermalling then I'm using this.

$607 NZ retail 

Ozone Oxygen 1

The Ozone Oxygen is a lightweight, minimalist bag reversable harness and one of the best we've ever found for this purpose weighing only 1.3kgs, but it is a comfortable, all purpose harness - backpack reversable combination.

Fully set up for speedbar already, it allows you to reduce your weight and volume immensely for hike and fly or travel.

The bag is big enough to take any normal glider so a sprint up the mountain with your normal glider, this harness, helmet and jacket will only weigh 5 to 8 kgs all up (depending on the weight of your wing). This makes the hike up a pleasure.

Price - $470NZ


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