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Nova Mentor 2 EN-B - Glide Ratio 9.3

Beats new Advance Omega 8 EN D in glide ratio on speedbar!!

Nova Mentor 2 Breakthrough EN-B, DHV1-2 - beats new Advance Omega 8 EN D (DHV2-3) in glide ratio on speedbar!!

Nova's designer H annes Papesh said in passing on an International forum that the new Mentor 2 was even beating on speedbar some new 2010 EN D high performance gliders. This created huge disbelief and a challenge was laid down and accepted by Hannes. In front of huge crowds at the Coupe Icare Festival in St. Helier, France, Nova's new Mentor 2, EN B outperformed on speedbar even the highest end certified new glider from Advance, their Omega 8. This is scandalous - it's implications are enormous - quite simply, who needs to fly any other glider! Now with such huge EN B safety you also have performance pretty much equal to the best certified gliders in the world.


The challenge winner Hannes Papesh accepts his prize - a glass of milk and a lot of honour! His EN B beats EN D!

The new Nova Mentor 2 will transform the performance of the average intermediate pilot.

It's not even easy to comprehend this level of performance increase. You have to imagine you're flying your easy, safe intermediate wing - mid to high level DHV1-2 and all of sudden, you have the performance of all today's current DHV2-3 gliders. You haven't just jumped up one class to DHV-2 performance, you've jumped up two classes without any loss of safety.

In the past, every 2 or 3 years we have gained an extra .1 or .2 of glide. Mentor 2 brings over .5 increase. We have usually been very happy with each new model step - this one now brings two or three times as much increase in performance.

Of course you have to decide how much more performance a higher class of glider would have to have over this Mentor 2 to make it worth the extra risk of flying it - that is if you can find a certified glider that genuinely outperforms the Mentor 2 in real conditions.

So the Mentor 2 is another landmark glider from Nova, a complete performance leader in its class and by no small margin, and its performance will probably not be matched or beaten by others in the next 2 or more years.

All this is just to say that with this glider you will not need to upgrade nearly as soon for performance reasons. Therefore you may find yourself happy on this glider for up to twice as long.

What a surprise! Nova has always held the crown for the most performance in the 1-2 class - and now they bring a step forward of unimaginable proportions.

In the last year or two, one or two designers have really learned some things. This is going to blow your mind.

This new Mentor 2 has shown it can glide with the best 2-3's in the world on speedbar. This has never been remotely possible before. So now enjoy the peace of mind of flying an EN B wing that will boost your thermalling and cross country abilities more than jumping on the latest EN D DHV2-3's.

So clearly this could be one of the biggest breakthroughs this year and a wing for the greatest number of pilots.

Its predecessor, the Mentor, is still unbeaten two years after its release. No other manufacturer has produced a glider to match its glide ratio according to Thermik Magazine. And now the Mentor 2 offers such a huge step up in performance, that it even has a slight edge over Nova's EN-D DHV2-3 Triton.

All this with stunning handling and great beauty.

How's it even possible that this year could hold so many surprises and such big steps forward?

Never before so much performance with so much safety - sounds like a cliche - this time it's doubly true and proven - this is a once in 20 year upset - EN B beats EN D

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