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Ozone Swift DHV 1-2

This year has bought great new gliders for beginner and intermediate pilots

It used to be that our first wing was quickly outgrown as we wanted more performance or more handling. This has not been the case for m any years.The gliders have evolved to a point now where you can buy a glider that is safe enough from day one and you will not be able to outgrow its ability inside 3-6 years. Glide ratios of over 8 on school safe gliders mean any and every kind of flying is effortless, dynamic and safe. We now have DHV-1 gliders with handling to satisfy most pilots and the huge cross country potential of their performance means the limits of your flights are entirely up to you.

Here are some of the latest, great gliders that you can start on - it's never been easier.

Above is the new Nova Ion light - amazing glide ratio of around 8.5 with stunning school safety and gorgeous handling. Light weight, low volume, great for travelling.


Ozone's Mojo 3 - stunningly safe, beautiful performance and handling - great glide ratio.