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Ozone Delta DHV-2 with 9.6 Glide


This is the wing the world has been waiting for. A certifiied, safe wing that brings the technology and knowledge breakthrough that Ozone has just made in creating the next generation of comp glider s - the Baby and the Mantra R10's.

Most pilots have been enthralled with this new generation of gliders but have been waiting for the safer version that they could fly also.

After all the developments of the last year everything has finally come to a beautiful stage - all the benefits can be experienced by you in the Delta as long as you are ready for an EN-C glider.

The Delta is a very middle to low level EN-C (old DHV-2). It in no way pushes the boundaries of safety in this class - it will prove to be one of the easier to fly. 

You will enjoy reading the full story about this wing - it is the beginning of the third generation of paragliders.
In the first generation each cell had a line supporting it.
Second generation bought us diagonal ribs and massive performance improvements from reduced line drag.
The third generation, just invented by Ozone.

Below are the just out rave reviews from Thermik Magazine and Cross Country Magazine


Ozone are a very professional, high integrity, completely on the level company - and when they explained how good the new Delta would be, many did not believe. Now all is clear - the worlds most astute and independent glide ratio testing magazine - Thermik - has completed it's independent review and here is what they say.

9.6 glide ratio - the second highest they have ever measured - only the Ozone Mantra 3 (DHV2-3) beats it with 9.7

Here are some excerpts from Thermik's review:

"It seems that never before there was such a stable sport wing than we have now with the Delta. It is pure pleasure!...

The behaviour of the Delta in accelerated flight is an advantage for pilots with XC and competition needs"

"In summary: Usually, promised revolutions don't happen. However, with the new sport wing Delta, Ozone managed indeed a massive performance jump...There is this massive glide performance plus the fact that the Delta will inspire you with its launch, its handling, its stability and it maneuvers...

...Congratualtion to the Ozone Team!"


    -From Thermik Magazine, September 2010 Issue (translation by Sabine Konrad).

The most important benefit of this glider is in the leading edge technology - the bow rods in the leading edge will give you a clear advantage in the rough - you will suffer less collapses and enjoy the greater stablilty this wing brings. The confidence you will gain from this along with the immense performance will transform your flying and cross country potential.

The picture to the left shows the beauty of the bow leading edge. It springs open and stays open better in the rough air also 


Imagine how a glider with this performance, ease and safety can improve your cross country flying - it is such a big improvement for most pilots. The handling is as good as can be had and yet the performance beats all the other currently tested by Thermik Magazine 2-3's  -  lets see if any of the 2010 DHV2-3's - EN-D's can match or better it. But their safety will not even be close. So this will probably be the most cross country flyable wing to date for intermediate to advanced pilots.

The Delta has just received a rave review from Cross Country Magazine - and that is not easy to get these days. Here's the full review below.

To read about the Delta on Ozones website -  Click here