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In 20 years of paraglider evolution this could be the biggest step.

Paragliders will never be the same. Ozone has invented the first 2 line glider - the R10-2, coming from 2 years of amazing research, that has left the competition world stunned. Utterly record breaking competition success - never before seen. This year Ozone has won everything and usually captures around 7 to 8 out of the first 10 places. Not in the 21 years I've watched every competition, has there been anything like it and never before have so many comp pilots had so much fun on such a huge, ground breaking, quantum shift glider!

So what's it all about? It's got high tech bow rods holding each profile in perfect shape and preventing collapses. It pops open like a spring and stays there - collapse resistance like we haven't had before. Finally our paragliders are making serious advances towards very solid, safe, collapse proof designs with big reductions in line drag and outrageous improvements in performance for the average pilot. This was not to be expected at this late stage in the evolution of the sport and has come as a great breath of fresh air.

15 years ago I stopped being interested in flying comp wings. The little bit of extra performance they offered did not outweigh increased risk. All of sudden, with this design breakthough, 12 glide ratio was on offer. My cross country gliders of late had around 9 glide ratio. Paraglider pilots will sell their souls for a .5 glide improvement :-)  Who dared dream of grabbing a glide ratio improvement of 3 -  and it has been a revelation - literally like strapping on a sailplane and blasting off!