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Beach fun with the motors - but don't try this stunt at home!
Mathieu Rouanet - Worlds best acro paramotor pilot - you can see why!
Mathieu cuts it up at our training site at Karioitahi
SkyWings Shop - the biggest paragear frenzy in the southern hemisphere
Mathieu explores Milford Sound - motors give access to the most stunning spots - don't forget your camera!
Motors - huge freedom - fly anywhere anytime almost

Paramotors are really the easiest and quickest way to fly free!

Ozone Spyder Paramotor wing - Karioitahi Beach

Paramotoring offers huge possibilities - you can explore almost any area at will, from the air, and enjoy views that are usually reserved for the birds.

On the long drive to our normal paragliding sites, we pass hundreds of takeoff areas suitable for launching a paramotor. With the motor we are free to fly almost anywhere and we are not limited to the tiny areas of lift that we need to stay airborn on paragliders. One can launch from almost anywhere and fly in places where it was previously not possible.

For those that can open their minds to the use of an engine the world opens up and awesome possibilities for flight can be imagined and made into reality. Your imagination is the only limit and pilots are flying their motors over almost every inch of the globe.

Paramotors in the SkyWings Shop

With Paramotors as with Paragliders, we have been intensly interested and have spent the last 24 years fully researching the world market. Our search was for the perfect paramotor.

Even though they appear very simple and easy, they are only that way in the hands of skilled users. It's never truer than in paramotoring, that a little spent on good training and good equipment can save a lot.

We strongly urge you to learn with someone who has real experience in this field. We have been teaching paragliding for 27 years and paramotoring for 24 years. This level of experience can ensure your level of learning is much quicker, more effective and safe.

We have found some of the world's best motors over all these years, and links to their webpages are below. Having been stung a number of times by the newest - most pretty motors - and then found them to be unreliable - and not a fully sorted product - you can end up just owning an evolving prototype. We strongly recommend only sticking with the most proven and reputable brands. This is doubly important as we are a world away from help and service down here in NZ!

We have motors in all price categories from the cheapest, to the best reasonably priced (only $7500 and that's for a world renowned paramotor that has won motor of the year awards a number of times), and up to the best at any price. Please give us a call or email us for full information about these motors and full training courses. The SkyWings guarantee is that we have taught the most and the longest and the safest - and can make you a better pilot quicker.

If you are interested in learning to paramotor, we hope you enjoy our teaching page

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Simon Enderby motoring on his Zero at Karioitahi


Paul Kaufman, Kimball Holden and Simon Enderby enjoy a motor flight together