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Learning to thermal at one of our inland sites
One Of the Finest places to learn to thermal in NZ
You'll learn to soar in just a few days and fulfill our ancient dream to fly free on the breeze
Learning Paragliding is a colourful, social, fun event
Here's our best training site - the perfect place to learn
SkyWings Ground Fun - special techniques for easy mastery of your launch skills

Hopefully you've read about the SkyWings School on the homepage.

We offer a full range of courses from beginner to advanced, including tandems, introductory days, PG1 & PG2 - the full pilot rating course, full paramotoring training and speedflying courses - and gift vouchers for all.

The rating that you receive is recognized worldwide and endorsed by the New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

Overseas Pilots will achieve an Internationally recognized IPPI (International Pilots Proficiency Index) rating along with their PG2.

Full explanation on each of these courses is on separate pages, accessible from the menus.

Paragliding is easy to learn - we are running courses continually, so anyone can start at anytime. Even on the first day you will have the experience of flying solo, starting with small flights and quickly building up to bigger and bigger flights.

You will learn with Alan, one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Instructors in New Zealand. He's taught full time for 21 years and pioneered significant advances in training techniques and equipment to bring new pilots to high and satisfying levels of personal skill, significantly quicker and more safely. All we have learned over these years has gelled and matured into faster and safer learning for you.

We can now train comfortably and effectively in a much greater range of conditions, and bring you to the necessary levels of mind body co-ordination and technical skill to pass your PG2 quickly and with a more deep and thorough skill base.

Here's a video of some of our students doing their first days with SkyWings.


Here's pictures of one of our great training sites

This is just the end of a 37km long ridge. The last half rises to be a 600ft high amazing sea cliff. You can be soaring endlessly at 1000 to 1200ft high with stunning views.

Beep Beep speed wings soaring in high winds at our Kario training site

Once you have looked at the courses, feel free at any time to call or email us, or come over and have a chat, or just enroll in a course whenever you wish. We will start them at a time to suit you and you can do the training days at any time you're free.

Here's another video filmed by one of our students Degas, during a days training with SkyWings


It's been a great year for new wings for beginners. It's now possible for a beginner to buy a wing with a glide ratio of up to 9 - this has been unheard of until now and means your first wing could happily last you 5 or 10 years. To find out more about beginner safe gliders that offer striking levels of thermalling and cross country performance, have a chat to Alan about the new low level EN B gliders from Ozone and Nova.